In the Name of Meat!

Currently, we are in the buffet lesson of class--this means we get to customize a charcuterie buffet as well as a themed buffet. This past week we spent our days breaking down half of an entire pig to make 15 charcuterie dishes for the buffet--boy was this a meaty project!  

We first began with a half of an entire pig (I'm not joking...), and broke down the different cuts of meat using a butcher's saw. 

Then we ground all of the meat and fat, and formed beautiful works of meat in the form of sausages, pates, head cheese--the list goes on and on! 

Ancho-chili pork loin 

Buffet #1

Buffet #2

(I spy a pig snout in that piece of head cheese, above)

I even traded places with the bread bakers for a day and got to make potato bread! 

It was a great week full of learning about some serious meat and culinary techniques that have been around for centuries (crazy, right?). Up next, our surprise project of the week: a buffet fit for a Quinceanera, just wait for those pictures!