Something's brewing...

It's been a while! Life suddenly caught me by storm, but now I'm back ready to share what's been brewing in my life these days.

The past two weeks, I had the lovely opportunity to take a brewing and mixology class. The first lecture was brewing--I learned how to make beer in my own home. We learned about hops, malts, fermentation, tools, the list goes on. Talk about a true science.

I was a little skeptical about the flavor of home-brewed beer, but surprisingly, it was very smooth and delicious--you could barely notice the difference (the middle glass pictured above). 

The following week, we had a cocktail lecture...this is where class became a little too fun (if I need to say anything else). The bartender had us sample the different categories of spirits, as well as different mixed drinks made with those spirits. We learned about all different gins, rums, tequilas, vodkas, the list goes on and on. Finally at the end of the night, the bar was open to us to customize our own cocktail. I made a ginger mint cocktail with vodka and a hint of lime, delicious (not the cocktail pictured below). 

I had a great time and learned not only how to make beer and cocktails, but also how different beers and spirits are able to complement food. I highly recommend a class if you can find one in your spare time!