Sneaking Behind the Scenes of the Red Carpet

Earlier this month, one of the best annual events of the food world occurred--The James Beard Awards at Lincoln Center. Now if you are a foodie, then you know what this means, every chef you have ever dreamed of meeting, seeing in person, or tasting their food would be at the gala that night. 

Why was I so excited? Because I was helping to serve hors d'oeuvres to chefs I have been dying to meet my entire life. 

So the evening began with me starstruck walking into Lincoln Center.


I was assigned to work with Chef Charles Phan of The Slanted Door in San Francisco. That evening I helped to serve a tapioca dumpling with shrimp and pork in a flavored fish sauce--holy goodness it was one bite of AMAZINGNESS.

We set up shop in the Lincoln Center atrium with all of the other famous chefs who were also serving food. It was a food fantasy to be able to try dishes from well-known chefs all around the country. 

After serving dumplings for the VIP tasting event, we then got to go and watch half of the awards show which was a blast. Ted Allen was the perfect MC for the evening. 
One awesome bunch of chefs.

Exciting news came in the middle of the awards show when we found out Chef Phan, who I was working under, won Outstanding Restaurant--what did this mean??...we were the most popular food table after the show! It was thrilling to be able to serve so many iconic food individuals the dumplings of a winning chef. 

What a way to kick off the month of May. Cheers to all the chefs who inspire the food world day after day with your crazy creations.