One Fabulous Eating Weekend

I love when guests or friends of friends come to visit, why? Well, that gives me an excuse to eat wonderful food all the time--good food is all part of good hospitality, right?? Umm, yes.

So first I began my weekend with a fabulous meal at Amanda Freitag's reopening of Empire Diner in Chelsea. I had been anticipating this night for two weeks already, and I wasn't let down. First of all, the ambiance, AMAZING. Don't think neon lights diner, think dark, cosmopolitan, 2014 diner with vintage accents--so much love. And also, any diner with a huge mural saying "EAT" on the outside of the building is obviously calling your name, luring you in to eat some sweet potato chili fries. 

We began the eating adventure with the sweet potato chili fries, an ode to my Southern college experience. They were delightful. Next we tried the burger which was served, of course, on a brioche bun (I mean nothing else would ever suffice). We also tried the market special which were fish tacos; spicy and a great reminder that summer is just around the corner, thank you, thank you, thank you. And since it was a diner, we had to order dessert. We were in luck, since it was pi day they had special pies. We sampled both their traditional apple and the special Nutella pie--we may have been stuffed when we were served dessert, but we each happily ate a whole piece and left Empire Diner in one lovely food coma. 

The next evening we set out on a mission for some awesome ramen, aka Momofuku. Now this is always a challenge because the line is usually so long that it wraps around all of Manhattan and back again. What do you know? We arrive at the restaurant and there is a 2 hour wait. But I'm a trooper when it comes to Momofuku, since it is a favorite, so of course I made the team wait it out and boy, was it worth it. Meanwhile, we observed a lovely St. Patty's Day party in the distance, so that was entertainment enough. 

By 10:30 P.M. I was happily eating Spicy Miso Ramen, licking my lips after every bite, and laughing while we all attempted to eat our ramen politely (yeah, right). All I can say is I always leave Momofuku saying YUM, YUM, YUM.