Cheese and Thank You

I walked into the kitchen, and already recognized the bright orange and red wrappers. My face lit up, Murray's Cheese had entered the room--today was going to be a great day. For those who don't know, Murray's Cheese is the most amazing cheese wonderland originally located in the lovely Greenwich Village. What do they sell? Beautiful, smelly, delightful, flavorful, aged cheese. If Murray's was for rent, I would fight all to claim the lease and call it my home. I am crazy about this place. 

Anywho...Friday was cheese day. We made cheese, ate cheese, cooked with cheese, you name it and cheese was there to help us out. It was a blast learning to make ricotta (pictured below) and mozzarella. 

The second half of the day was consumed by the wonderful cheese tasting. We were guided by our chef through the different milks, yogurts, and cheeses of the cow, goat and sheep. 

Conclusions...I love sheep milk, yogurt, and cheese. It's no wonder sheep was my favorite, it has the highest fat content of the three (oh goodness, why?). We left the day in a complete cheese coma, which I must say I have never experienced before. Cheers to cheese and all the happiness it brings to the world.