Rolling in Sugar

Yes, that was the definition of last week. We entered the pastry module last Monday, and boy were we ready to eat sugar. But I think by Friday, all we wanted was a handful of salt. 

Everything was, DELICIOUS, no doubt about that! We tasted our way through ice creams, sorbets, meringues, cakes, the list goes on and on. I could hear my sweet tooth shouting for joy, as I consumed more and more sugar. The day began on a sugar low, rose to a sugar high by lunch, and crashed to a halt at dinner--now repeat that cycle X five. Whoa buddy...looking back, every second was worth it. 

First Course: Apple Tart

Second Course: Meringue Chipwich (in short :))

Third: Pear Tart 

And these were only the beginning...

The greatest story of last week surrounds this beautiful cake: 

There was a feeling in my gut that this cake was not going to make it all the way back to my apartment. Yes, I had a cake box for transportation, but I knew something was going to go awry (especially since it was also suppose to rain). 

What do ya know? We leave school, it's raining...yay, my cake is going to be soaked. I wrapped the cake box in a plastic bag to take caution. Thinking this was a smart choice, I continued on my journey home. 

But oh no, that is not how the story ended. As I crossed an intersection and stepped in a huge puddle, the cake box slipped out of the plastic bag and fell onto the ground in the middle of the road. Heart attack, yes. Expected, slightly. In one word the cake was: demolished. 

Lesson: take caution when carrying cakes wrapped in plastic bags while walking in the rain.